Web development in Canberra


Includes Single Page, Parallax, Music Player
Design by Dan Norton


Dan from Immorium approached me with a design for a unique single page layout for his Canberra based metal band, Immorium. Working together with Dan, we massaged his original design, and improved on it in a few areas, creating a locked top menu, parallax locked background images as well as a unique muisc player for users to listen to the band. Having this professional public facing website will help Immorium stand out from the crowd.

Music Player

One advanced feature required for the website was an embedded music player so that visitors could listen to the bands music. A few different approaches were discussed, from using HTML5's audio elements, to embedding SoundCloud or YouTube content. However, after investigating various Javascript libraries, I came across a very unique audio player that would deliver a great visual impact as well as deliver the bands music in a funky and easy to use way.

Post release

After the initial release of the website, to coincide with a gig in Canberra and their album release, the website has had a few upgrades to make it work nicer on mobile devices. Some of the advanced graphical features were disabled, and the menu was changed to a Facebook style slide-in from the left. Luckily the music player already scaled nicely, so no extra work was required there. Future enhancements are still being planned, including a web-service to pull in their tour dates.