Web development in Canberra



In my time as a Drupal developer in Canberra I have had the chance to work with a wide range of businesses. From Federal Government departments like Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Social Services, to peak industry bodies such as Engineers Australia, and small businesses like Territory Tanks, or Andrew James Makeup and Millenry.

I have developed Intranets, Extranets and Internet websites. Online shops and registration access only sites. I can develop from a pre-bought template, or work with a designer to make you a custom product you are proud of.


Empower your content authors with Paragraphs

Paragraphs is very similar to Field Collection, except it allows you to create a library of paragraphs, and let the content author include them in the pages in any configuration or order they wish.

Balsamiq: Simple design made easy

A web developer, backend programmer, User Experience designer, Business Analyst and Product Owner all walk into a room. It’s not the start of a bad joke, but it could be the start of a bad project.

The Speed of App Development

It has become easier and faster in recent times, and the ability to connect into your Drupal based website provides some fantastic functionality without the massive budget.

Feeds: Consume everything

Feeds, It’s not only a brilliant module during the development phase of a website as a powerful content importer, but it’s also a great on-going live site module due to its ability to consume content and create nodes on a schedule.

Case Study: MDBA Live Data

The Murray Darling Basin Authority is responsible for the management and maintenance of a large number of water ways in the Basin. Currently, there are a number of sites located along the Murray River system, from Biggara in the North East of Victoria, all the way through to Encounter Bay in...

Case Study: eStage 1

Engineers Australia is the peak body for the engineering profession in Australia. Part of its role includes management and assessment of overseas workers wishing to migrate to Australia to work in the Engineering Sector.

No, you don't need an App

Apps are very “in” at the moment, as they have been for a few years now, and some companies think they haven’t quite made it, until they have their own App. The truth however is that you don’t need an App. In 90% of cases, it’s a waste of money and a huge overhead for the future.

Defending Drupal

I went to Google for some Anti-Drupal posts and see if I can bust them and help people realise how great this CMS can be.

The power of a phone meets the flexibility of Drupal

In 2013, I attended an event in Canberra called GovHack. It is a huge event with teams around the country all competing against each other to come up with the most fun, inventive and thought-provoking way of using Government Data.