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In my time as a Drupal developer in Canberra I have had the chance to work with a wide range of businesses. From Federal Government departments like Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of the Environment, to peak industry bodies such as Engineers Australia, and small businesses like Dale and Hitchock and Encore Cleaning.

I have developed Intranets, Extranets and Internet websites, online shops and registration access only sites.

While still being a website developer, I am now more personally focused on my creative side making collectable sculptures.

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In 2013 I gave a talk at TEDxCanberra on the power that your mobile phone really has, and how you can leverage it to create something amazing.

I also wrote a blog about it.

The power of a phone meets the flexibility of Drupal

In 2013, I attended an event in Canberra called GovHack. It is a huge event with teams around the country all competing against each other to come up with the most fun, inventive and thought-provoking way of using Government Data.

I currently have three projects in the GitHub open source repository:

Each of these repositories are the source code for mobile applications I have developed during my time at OPC IT.

CalcVE is a self contained application to calculate the Volumetic Efficiency of internal combustion engines. A handy tool to help mechanics easily calculate a complex equation.

durpalcontent is a test bed for a mobile application with direction connection into a Drupal 7 content management system. It allows the user to take a photo on their phones camera, and upload it directly to a website.

panoptic is the application used in partnership with a Panoptic subsctiption that allows you to monitor the status of your websites remotely.

react-in-theme is available on my second GitHub account and is a practical example of how to implement a complicated ReactJS Frontend component into a Drupal website via the theme, thus supporting a SaaS solution.

Blog posts

I've written a number of blog posts for OPC during my time here, and here is a shortlist of some of my favourites.

Late last year we had the honour of being selected to redevelop the Department of Defence’s Army website -
Two new web development based Christmas Carols
A rundown of the DrupalSouth 2019 conference and a short review of some of the talks.
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Our Senior Web Developers share their top tips and tricks for making Drupal content editing a breeze!
More and more backend complexity is being moved to the frontend as the frontends become more powerful. Is this a good thing or not? I seriously don't know.
With the festive season arriving, there will be singing and cheer for all.  But why should the shepherds and reindeer get all the good songs. Use these Drupal based verses to common Carols to make everyone say “wait, what did you say?”
How to integrate a DialogFlow powered ChatBot into your Drupal SaaS website using ReactJS.
Reflecting back on DrupalSouth/DrupalGov for this year, it was a pretty great event. Here is a quick review of some of the talks I found interesting.
All conferences have the same types of people no matter what the topic is, from DrupalSouth to the International Shower Curtain Conference. Who are you?
Creativity is pretty unique… no matter how intelligent computers get, I believe they will always lack the creative gene, that creative spark, the ability to make the illogical leap to say that two plus two can equal five, if we redefine what a two is.
Mental health… something that is often overlooked in the high-stress male-dominated world of I.T., where it feels like it’s more important that the servers are healthy than the admins are.
For a little under 100 years, we have been following the example set out by a man named Robert Owen, who actually described it 100 years before that. We have been following that process ever since.
A run-down of the various tools I use on a day to day basis, what each of them do, and why I believe they are invaluable tools for modern Web Development.
Why it's important to patch every website, even your personal blog about the adventures of your cat.
Do you imagine a future office with holograms and atomic powered floating hover desks, or just a bigger screen and a nicer chair?
A response to my blog post about the pace of change in being a modern web developer.
While saying you are a ‘Healthy Workplace’ is great from a corporate standpoint, how does it actually effect the workers?  What is the real benefit to an employee?
How to include a ReactJS Application into a Drupal theme, handy for our SaaS clients with limited access over a code base.
How to use Drupal 8's native modules to show your content in a React Native App!
A recap of the November 2018 GovCMS Mega Meetup run by the Department of Finance.
DruPoint. A module in the making that gets Drupal and SharePoint to share their toys.
We can all agree that Australia needs fast internet, doesn’t matter how it is delivered, it’s required.
The modern web developer is no longer just a programmer, they are a multi-lingual multi-plate spinning sorcerer of many things.
The longer answer sheds some light on how Drupal will be handling its release schedule going forward for the foreseeable future.
With the recent announcement of Atlassian working with the NSW Government to create a new “digital hub” in Sydney, we might finally be on our way.
In 2013, I attended an event in Canberra called GovHack. It is a huge event with teams around the country all competing against each other to come up with the most fun, inventive and thought-provoking way of using Government Data.
Apps are very “in” at the moment, as they have been for a few years now, and some companies think they haven’t quite made it, until they have their own App. The truth however is that you don’t need an App. In 90% of cases, it’s a waste of money and a huge overhead for the future.
Engineers Australia is the peak body for the engineering profession in Australia. Part of its role includes management and assessment of overseas workers wishing to migrate to Australia to work in the Engineering Sector.
The Murray Darling Basin Authority is responsible for the management and maintenance of a large number of water ways in the Basin. Currently, there are a number of sites located along the Murray River system, from Biggara in the North East of Victoria, all the way through to Encounter Bay in...
A web developer, backend programmer, User Experience designer, Business Analyst and Product Owner all walk into a room. It’s not the start of a bad joke, but it could be the start of a bad project.
I am a Tradie. A new generation of digital trades. I work hard, make a product, and deliver it to a client, sometimes if required, I continue to support it.
Feeds, It’s not only a brilliant module during the development phase of a website as a powerful content importer, but it’s also a great on-going live site module due to its ability to consume content and create nodes on a schedule.
This blog was originally going to be a case study on the redevelopment of a website I have been working on. However after implementing Paragraphs in such an aggressive way, I think it deserves a blog of its own.