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In my time as a Drupal developer in Canberra I have had the chance to work with a wide range of businesses. From Federal Government departments like Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of the Environment, to peak industry bodies such as Engineers Australia, and small businesses like Dale and Hitchock and Encore Cleaning.

I have developed Intranets, Extranets and Internet websites, online shops and registration access only sites.

While still being a website developer, I am now more personally focused on my creative side making collectable sculptures.

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In 2013 I gave a talk at TEDxCanberra on the power that your mobile phone really has, and how you can leverage it to create something amazing.

I also wrote a blog about it.

The power of a phone meets the flexibility of Drupal

In 2013, I attended an event in Canberra called GovHack. It is a huge event with teams around the country all competing against each other to come up with the most fun, inventive and thought-provoking way of using Government Data.

I currently have three projects in the GitHub open source repository:

Each of these repositories are the source code for mobile applications I have developed during my time at OPC IT.

CalcVE is a self contained application to calculate the Volumetic Efficiency of internal combustion engines. A handy tool to help mechanics easily calculate a complex equation.

durpalcontent is a test bed for a mobile application with direction connection into a Drupal 7 content management system. It allows the user to take a photo on their phones camera, and upload it directly to a website.

panoptic is the application used in partnership with a Panoptic subsctiption that allows you to monitor the status of your websites remotely.

react-in-theme is available on my second GitHub account and is a practical example of how to implement a complicated ReactJS Frontend component into a Drupal website via the theme, thus supporting a SaaS solution.

Blog posts

I've written a number of blog posts for OPC during my time here, and here is a shortlist of some of my favourites.